Anti-Ragging Committee

To curb the menace of ragging, our college has constituted anti-ragging committee which comprises of principal, vice-principal, local PSI and hostel warden. The committee carries out routine as well as surprise checks, conducts orientation & counselling classes to juniors as well as senior students and appraise the serious consequences of ragging as per law. With these efforts the college is free of this menace.

Women Grievance Committee

Respect and protection of women’s modesty is one of the top priority of our college. Our seriousness and commitment towards this is reflected in formulation of “Women Grievance Committee”. The committee comprises of senior lady staff, hostel warden and student representative. Necessary steps have been taken to not only to address all the grievances of the girl student but also of the women employee.

B.D.S. Course

  1. ID cards are provided to all students at the beginning of each year and have to be produced while browsing any reference material from the library.
  2. Students shall maintain strict discipline in the college premise. They should not misbehave with staff and fellow students. Any indiscipline will be dealt seriously and punished suitably even to the extent of rustication from the college. The students should wear neat and well pressed apron compulsory with the name plate attached over left pocket.
  3. The candidate pursuing BDS course should have 75% attendance compulsory both in theory and clinical/practical to become eligible for University examination. If the student fails to do so, the candidate’s application for examination will not be accepted.
  4. Passing criteria minimum of 50% marks has to be obtained in theory, practical and viva-voce combined together in University examination including internal assessment i.e. 50/100 marks, where there is no written examination, minimum for pass is 50% of marks in practical and viva-voce combined together in University examination including internal assessment i.e. 50/100 marks.
  5. Any candidate who fails in one subject is permitted to go to next higher classes and allowed to appear for the failing subject and complete successfully before he is permitted to next higher exam.

M.D.S. Course

  1. The candidate pursuing MDS course should have minimum attendance of 80% of each academic year.
  2. Every candidate should maintain a work dairy and records of his/her participation in training programme conducted by department such as journal review, seminars, etc.
  3. The work dairy should be scrutinized and certified by the HOD and Principal and presented in the University examination.
  4. No candidate shall join any other course of study or any other examination conducted by this university or any other universities both in India and abroad.
  5. Criteria for declaring as pass in the University examination, the candidate shall secure in both the theory examination and in practical/clinical including viva-voce independently an aggregate of 50% of total marks allotted.

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